The Love Calculator App for Fun!!!

Just for fun, I made a Love Calculator app in Angular. The client has components to calculate the love compatibility based on a simple algorithm. It’s is no way an authenticate way to measure the love compatibility, but yes for sure it was fun to make it and my friends enjoyed using it.

Love Calculator GIF

You can find the link to code Love Calculator client here:

At the back end, though there was no such need to have a separate server as Angular’s Webpack does fairly good to run this app, but I created one additional server in Node with a motive to capture all the details that the user would be trying out on this app. I thought it would be fun to sneak into what name’s are being tried upon on this Love Calculator. =D

So the back end node server creates a serverlog file, which stores information related to Name of first person, Name of Second person, their compatibility result and IP of the client machine from where the app is used.

You can find the link to code for this Node server here: